Thursday, August 9, 2007

1st Day of School!

Today is Clay's first day of 3rd grade. He was so excited he got up at 6am, got dressed, put on his backpack and waited for me to get up. Precious. I just hope that enthusiasm lasts through high school.

I'm praying that he has an easy year and that he keeps his fire for learning fueled. He's such a bright, inquisitive boy, I'm amazed by him daily.

Andy (3) was so upset that his big brother left him this morning. The poor little guy cried for 30 minutes. But, after much snuggling and playing together he settled down. I had to convince him that being here all day with mommy wouldn't be that bad. It's such a shame, he's SO ready to go to school. He really loves learning as well. He already knows his ABC's, counts to 12 in English and Spanish, knows all his colors and shapes, is working on tracing letters and recongnizing them. He's going to blow away those preschoolers next year.

So anyway it's just me and the little ones in the house now. It's so quiet because Clay is usually the one stirring the pot and getting Andy all riled up. I'm actually looking forward to Clay coming home, I miss him a bit already.

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Callista said...

Back to School already? Kids here don't go back till Sep 10.