Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Last Child In The Woods..chapter 5.

So, I just finished chapter 5 of "Last Child In The Woods"; A Life of the Senses: Natures vs. The Know-It-All State of Mind. For me, the overriding theme seemed to be that children are becoming less sensually aware of nature. Our (mine included) children's senses are bombarded daily by the tv, radio, video game and computer meant to be education or even a babysitter when need be. Their senses never get a chance to hear the free flowing natural sounds of calm nature...birds chirping, crickets, wind in the trees, rain, thunder, bees buzzing. All sounds they never notice because their hearing and vision is being monopolized by electronic sources.

I don't believe this is what God intended for us or for childhood. We're not enjoying or sharing in the beauty He created. Why just teach our kids about nature from a book or tv show? Why not take them out there? Show them the bugs under a rock, grow plants with them, take them to the lake, on a walk in the woods. Let them experience nature personally, let them know it really does exist outside of a book.

I'm working to change this with our children. I'm working on having them outside more (we have 4 acres of prime exploring land) and even growing food with them. This 100 degree weather seems to be stymying my efforts lately, I'm sad to report.

Another thing Mr. Louv mentioned in this chapter is the dreaded backseat tv. Ugh. Why? Why on earth was this even deemed a necessity for most people. Do we really want less communication time with our kids or between our kids? They never get to experience road trip games, or the sight of the road going by really fast, the different landmarks that are out there. I personally think this is one of the dumbest inventions as of late. It once again promotes the lack of interaction that families are suffering from now.

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Laane said...

I take the children (one by one) with me walking in the evening.
We have a lake nearby and at that time there is no one.

Each and every time it's different there. The sky, the lake itself. The sounds of the animals. The wind.

I'm the only parent who takes the joy and effort...