Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I did something I haven't done in about 3 years today. I bought make-up. I'm not one that fusses alot over her appearance or even wears make-up on a normal day. But, lately I've been wanting to actually fix myself up a bit. So while I was at the market today, I got some. I don't want to look very made up, I just want my skin tone to look even and to have a natural fresh look to me. My skin is quite sallow and splotchy on it's own.

This is a big thing for me. I want to start getting up earlier (usual time is 7), like maybe 6 and actually getting myself ready for the day. Shower, make-up, dressed and coffee. It would be really cool to be fresh for Joe, I think he would like it.

I've been thinking alot lately how I could be a better wife to him. I know I tend to be way to grumpy and kinda stressed at times (4 kids, 3 of them 3 and wonder). I feel like he just gets what's leftover of me at the end of the day. I tend to really wind down after dinner and don't have much energy left. I want to make more of a concerted effort to be happy and kind to him whe he comes home at night. I want him to feel excited to come home and see me, not dreading that I'm going to snap at him or just throw him a honey-do list. I need to remember that I love him, he's the person I'm sharing my life with. He's not a slave that I can talk down to or expect compliance for every little whim from.

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