Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Greed rears it's ugly head..

Lately I've found myself watching TLC's "What Not To Wear" You know, the show where 2 gurus deem a person's wardrobe unworthy and take them to NY for a complete makeover. It's made me question my wardrobe and dream of becoming more grown up and stylish in my attire. I've become jealous that these people get $5000 to buy a whole new wardrobe. It made me so unhappy with my wardrobe that I went out and bought new jeans, a new shirt, necklace and shoes. Stupid. Did this purchase make my life better? Do I feel better about myself because of it? No, I feel worse. I didn't need those clothes. I spent $43 on NEW clothes. I never buy new clothes I always thrift or yard sale for my clothes. I'm still sick about it. $43 could have bought groceries for a week, diapers for a month or paid off 1 hospital bill. These are not my values. I don't place high value on clothes and looks. Why did I act that way? TV giving me the false message that my clothes weren't good enough and my life wasn't good enough and that if I just changed these things I would be better. Wrong, I know better, but I got sucked in anyway. I've vowed to never watch that show again, or any show that makes me feel bad about me and my life. I don't guess I'll be watching my tv in the future.

On another note, do they know how much good that $5000 could do that they give away to designer clothes every episode. Homeless to shelter and feed, charities, libraries, medical care for 3rd world countries..etc. Why don't they do a show to replace someone's wardrobe from the Goodwill, now THAT would be a challenge for them. $100 for a new wardrobe from thrift stores. Or why don't they take a person from the street and give them the $5000 for a new wardrobe for themselves..or maybe even a trailer to put somewhere and food to put in there bodies.

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