Monday, September 17, 2007

A week at home..

Lately, I've been guilty of running around waaay too much. I easily get uncontent at home. I get restless and I want to get out. Small trips to the store, library and out to eat with the the hubby. It's been so bad that I've gotten out everyday on occasion. That's not a stay at home mom, that's a run around, go everywhere but home mom. I know it disrupts my kid's schedule and makes them feel frazzled as well.

This week I've vowed not to use my vehicle, to actually stay home. The only exceptions are my bible study on Wednesday and church on Sunday. No trips out to the store to pick up the little extras. No running to the store if I don't have an ingredient for a dinner I want to prepare.. I'll make something else. We have toilet paper, diapers, wipes, food, aundry detergent etc. There's nothing I need this week.

Most importantly, there will be no trips out to eat. No fast food this week. Nada. Zero. Zilch. That's just money down the toilet that we don't need to waste. I bought food at the grocery. In fact, I spent close to $60 in groceries over the weekend. So we have plenty to eat, not to mention the leftovers from dinners.

I've zeroed out my trip meter on the van and I hope to keep my mileage below 100 for the week, which should be easy to do with only 2 trips out.

Now, here's my meal plan for the week at home..

B~cereal, milk, banana
L~corn casserole, green beans
D~salsbury steak, mashed taters, peas, peaches

B~scrambled eggs, peaches
L~veggie soup
D~roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, broccoli, grapes

B~pancakes, banana
L~chicken noodle soup, crackers
D~chicken potpie, salad, mandarin orange

B~cereal, milk, mandarin oranges
L~pb&j, broccoli with dip
D~breakfast burritos, home fries (fried taters with pepper & onion), peaches

B~pb&j, apple
L~veggie soup, crackers
D~tilapia, cheesy rice, green beans, peaches

D~shepard's pie, corn on the cob

I should be out of fruit by Saturday. Saturday is usually grocery shopping day, but I may save it for Sunday after church while we're already out. I've got the goods to make various desserts and snacks... cookies, brownies, puddings, jellos. Along with fresh veggies that I have and cheese/yogurt we shouldn't lack snacks.

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