Friday, November 30, 2007

I Believe

  • Abortion is murder
  • Homosexuality is a sin
  • Education should be a right, not a privelage
  • People should undergo psychological tests before being allowed to own a gun
  • Spanking a child is wrong
  • Hurting a child should carry the same weight as murder
  • Government programs should not exclude people based on their parental beliefs (WIC, school and non-vaxing)
  • Breastfeeding is a natural, beautiful thing and should not be hidden in public
  • Iraq was a good idea in the beginning, now we need to get out
  • Marriage should be one woman, one man
  • Children need to stay as innocent as they can for as long as they can
  • Healthcare should be left up to the individual. Government and HMO's shouldn't make our choices for us
  • We should do more to help our own country's homeless and hungry and then focus on other countries
  • We can't rely on social security in our retirement, I believe it will be gone by then
  • Cussing makes someone look unintelligent, not cool
  • Smoking should be outlawed
  • Orangic, free-range food should be the norm, not the exception
  • Green technology should be more financialy accessible to the common man (solar panels, electric cars..etc)
  • That a woman president is a bad idea
  • Animal testing is wrong
  • The death penalty is wrong
  • Embryonic stem cell research is wrong
  • Cloning is wrong
  • We need to find better alternative fuel sources (hydro-electric, ethanol..etc)
  • We should not drill in Alaska and ruin the environment and habitats
  • In a government for the people by the people
  • Our nation needs to get back to God. It's what we were founded on. We've gotten so far away from Him that we're the modern day eqivalent of Sodom & Gomorrah
  • All liberals need to see the light and become conservative
  • I am a pacifist at heart

Those are most of my political beliefs in a nutshell. I consider myself and am a registered Republican, but think I have some green and libertarian leanings as well. I don't want the government to be very involved in my life and my choices. I want to be free to make them myself. What's right for me and MY family.

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