Friday, January 18, 2008

Reformed laundry hater

I used to hate laundry, really loathe it. I hated it so much I would let it go for weeks. With 6 of us in the family that was a bad idea. I would have a mountain of laundry that would take me 4 days to finish.

As I was doing laundry yesterday I came to the realization that I no longer hate laundry, I actually like it. I wash all the clothes together and then sort each kids into their own basket, socks into a basket. After the baskets I sort out the hangables and hang them up and match together socks.

I enjoy the thrill I get out of actually getting a stain out of the twins clothes and they make alot of them too.

I enjoy the smell of the laundry. I use vinegar that I sent with lavender essential oil for a fabric softener.

I love sleeping on new fresh sheets that are scented with the lavender.

I enjoy sorting the fresh laundry and organizing my children's closets and drawers.

I'm looking forward to spring/summer when I can once again hang laundry out on my line and get the sunkissed smell.

I never thought that I would grow to love doing my laundry, but I have. It's a relaxing experience. I just had to change my attitude.

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Anonymous said...

I am a laundry lover too! lol! I LOVE hanging it out to dry on a sunny windy day and smelling the freshness wafting in the breeze...ah, so poetic! :D

Love, Tina :)