Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Taste of Spring

The past 2 days here in Ky it's been pretty warm, 40-50ish and tomorrow it's supposed to reach the 60's. I love this time of year, it just screams new beginnings to me. The warmer weather, the growing grass and flowers, trees returning to life and the sun kissing my face. My thoughts this time of year automatically turn to my health. I think about how young and vibrant I want to feel (just like the vibrant, fresh spring). I want to eat healthier foods, more fruit. I want to move more and get outside in the beautiful nature.

Spring also renews my soul. Nature screams of the resurrection of my Lord. The new life sprouting forth from the frozen, dead ground. The trees bursting forth with their green leaves from what looked like a bunch of dead limbs. Isn't it amazing how nature speaks to our hearts and souls of Christ? He was dead, but arose again and deserves all the glory that I and nature can give Him. What a wonderful time of year to be reminded that I'll live again forever with Him in heaven. I can't even comphrened it, but it makes my soul and heart happy. I'm not big on theology and quite frankly I don't know much of the bible, although I'm trying hard to study and learn more. But, I do know that my Christ loved ME so much that He died for ME. He wants ME to live again with Him for eternity. I am just as important and loved by Him as any theologan or scholar and I thank Him for that.

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