Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Thought for today I'd share one of my bulk cooking recipes. I love to have more than one meal in the freezer at a time and this is super simple.

Ice cream bucket lasagna

5 pounds hamburger
3 jars spaghetti sauce
.2 large containers of cottage cheese
4 eggs
salt & pepper
shredded mozzarella
2 packages of lasagna noodles
6 (one gallon) ice cream buckets or similar container that is close to the size of your crockpot

This is a method of preparing Lasagna which makes 6 dinners which can be frozen and re-heated in a crockpot. I cook a large package of hamburger (apx 5 lbs), drain. Place it back in the pan I cooked it in, (don't dirty another pan) and add tomato sauce and spices as you like it. In another large bowl, mix two large containers of cottage cheese, four eggs, and salt and pepper. A third bowl has a large quantity of shredded mozzarella. Open two packages of lasagna noodles, either no-bake or regular. I prefer the regular, they are thicker--he no bake kinda disappear in my lasagna because they are so thin. Place all the ingredient bowls and pans in a row on the counter.

Then I take 6 (one gallon) ice cream buckets or similar container. layer as follows: small amount of Sauce; Noodles; Sauce (it is important that all of the uncooked noodles are covered in sauce); cottage cheese; noodles; sauce; cottage cheese; noodles; sauce; mozzarella cheese to cover top (we love this quite thick)

That is it! You end up with six lasagnas, and only 3 dirty pans. Freeze. Once solid, slip from the ice cream bucket, and place in gallon Ziploc bags. Now they go back in the freezer, taking up much less space. I use the ice cream bucket because it makes it the exact correct size and shape for my 5 quart crockpot. You may find another container that works better for you. When its lasagna eating day, just pop it in the crockpot on LOW, and let her go all day...come home, dinner is ready!

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Sharmista said...

I love this idea!! Thanks for the post!

Kirstin said...

what a cool idea and I would assume that since the noodles are uncooked they would absorb the liquid just right and not get soggy or watery?

CDMOM said...

Love this idea. I currently save the plastic Bunny ice cream containers. Now I have another use for them!

Angie said...

This is wicked cool. What a fabulous idea. Thank you.