Monday, May 5, 2008

Meal time

Me and the family were eating lunch at Fazoli's on Saturday and having a nice time when a famliy came in, mother, father and 2 sons that looked to be about 10 and 13. They sat down at the table adjacent to ours and the mother proceeded to get on her cell phone and the dad stuck his nose into a newspaper he had brought along. They stayed that way the entire meal. The boys had to go and get the food and pass it out. I could see them look at their parents with a sad longing for attention. There were no conversations, no laughing, no interacting (except for the mom on the phone). The boys just quietly ate while their parents basically ignored them. After they left I wondered if this is the way it was at their house. If they even ate a meal together or interacted. It made me really sad and I said a prayer for them, that God would change those parent's hearts to be more tuned to their boys. And then, I thanked God for the relationship I have with my boys and how happy I am to be a part of their lives and how I enjoy our meal times.

We eat our meals together. We don't allow reading , tv or phone calls to interrupt our meal times, that's our time. We'll call you back after we're done. We spend the meal time talking, laughing and lots of coaxing to get the twins to stay in their seats. I love this time, it makes me feel more connected to my family and hopefully my family to me.

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