Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot day meals

There are days in summer where I just dread turning on the stove, let alone the oven. Here's a few of our meals we eat on hot days.

Veggie platter with cheese cubes and ranch dip

Grilled sliced steak over salad

Salads with everything in them

Lunchmeat, or tuna, chicken salad sandwiches

Cheese, bolonga, crackers

That's about all my ideas. Do any of y'all have ideas for hot summer day meals?


Esther said...

Crockpot! You can even set it outside so it doesn't let off heat in the house;) We love BLT's too you can cook the bacon a head of time and just reheat it in the microwave (only for a FEW seconds).

Kirstin said...

I like to use the BBQ on hot days. You can do so much on a grill now a days. My favorites are chicken, salmon, roasted potatoes and veggies. The entire meal can be done on the grill.

How about bagels with chicken salad or tuna salad on them, topped with cheese, lettuce and tomatoe.

Donielle said...

We grill all the time in the summer!Either that or we eat outside after cooking it all in the house. :-)
I stick all the veggies in tin foil and toss them on too.

Mom2fur said...

Pasta salad, but...I'd make the pasta early in the morning before the day gets hot. (Or the night before.) I made chicken and pasta salad yesterday, but told my husband that by the time I boiled up the pasta and cooked the chicken...I might as well have made a regular dinner. Next time, I'll start earlier!
BTW, for this salad I combined the chicken and pasta with broccoli and celery. For the dressing I used mayonnaise, but added a little ranch dressing mix to it--not the whole package, but a little at a time until I liked the taste. Actually, it's even better today!

Amy said...

I like to make Spinach roll-ups. Use Burritos, spread garden vegetable cream cheese or salad dressing, sprinkle fresh spinach leaves, add cheese and deli meat, roast beef is our favorite, tomatoes or whatever else you like and roll it up. They are yummy, filling and no cooking involved.