Monday, June 2, 2008

Laundry days..

I used to hate to do laundry. I've blogged about how I hated it before but I've come to love it now. Moreso, I used to hate to hang laundry outside on my line. The line was here when we bought this house about 12 years ago. It's long and has 4 lines. It's a great line and I've always thought about using it and how great it would be to save money and the environment by using it. But, I've used it maybe 4 times all 12 years. Until this spring. I've hung out every load of laundry I can. It's been great. I love seeing laundry drying out there. I love knowing that I'm saving money (our electric bill has dropped $20 a month).

My 4 year old helps me by handing me the clothespin and my 9 year old helps me take laundry down. Andy (the 4yr old) says everytime we go outside that the hanging laundry is so beautiful. I couldn't agree more. Such a simple pleasure that I once hated have now come to love.

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