Friday, July 18, 2008

Gearing up for August..

August is coming up fast. That means back to school. My 9 year old son is actually ready to go back to school! He really likes school and getting to see all the friends he misses during summer..and oh yeah, there's learning too. ;)

My younger three (2,2, and 4) however won't be going to school. Although, they really, REALLY want to. So, I'm thinking that when Clay starts school I'm going to start trying to preschool my little ones. Andy (4) already knows colors, shapes, alphabet, numbers, couting and things like that. The twins are working on colors, alphabet, numbers and counting, they know basic shapes. So, I'm thinking of doing a study that's like a letter/number of the week. Like A is for Apple and all week we talk about A's and Apples, make things with apples, etc. I also need to introduce the days of the week to Andy, because he really doesn't get this. We'll also do the weather of the day. I think it would be good to get a little more structure to the day and to give them some more fun stuff to do.

Also in the works for August is a no spend month! I plan on buying school supplies this week or next so we won't have that expense next month. I'm going to allow myself to spend money on tithes, bills, groceries(including essential toiletries and diapers)and gas. Everything else is just wants that we disguise as needs. Do I really "need" a 3rd white shirt or purse? I know that being a woman I can ration those out to needs, but they're not. And, that's what I'm trying to work on. I hope this spending fast will help me reevaluate my priorities.

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