Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July's Menu and estimated cost

I've been working on this for a good 3 1/2 hours now and I'm thrilled to be done. I'm trying something different and trying to shop for the month all at once, except for fresh stuff. I also plan on doing a Saturday cooking session to get most of this cooked and froze in the freezer!

Ground Beef/Turkey
Crockpot sloppy joes-green beans
Skillet Lasagna-broccoli
Tacos-corn on cob
Meatloaf-oven fries-broccoli
Pizza w/ leftover meatloaf-corn on cob
Chicken fried steak-mashed taters-peas

Pork enchiladas-hominey
Ham fried rice

Tilapia-field peas&snaps-hominey

Chicken potpie-salad
Chicken stroganoff-mashed taters-lima beans
Chicken strips-oven fries-broccoli
Shake-n-bake chicken nuggets-garlic taters-hominey
Italian crockpot chicken-brussel sprouts
Fried chicken legs-mac-n-cheese
Tammy's creamy chicken and broccoli soup-bread

Biscuit and gravy-bacon
Scrambled eggs-bacon-biscuits
Blueberry pancakes-bacon

Burritos-green beans
Walkabout soup-bread
Potato cheese soup-bread
Taco soup-grilled cheese or quesadilla
Grilled cheese-tomato soup
2 English muffins pizzas-corn

Shopping List
Walmart--Lrg english muffin 1.78, 1 brussel sprout 1
Food Giant--10# chicken leg quarters 6.98 (sale)
Aldi--12# ground turkey $12
2 bags chicken boobs 12
2# turkey bacon 4
1 tilapia 4
2 corndog 3
lunchmeat 2

2 flour 4
2 sugar 4
1 choc chips 1
1 cocoa 2
4 cans fruit 4
4# white beans 2
12 cans tomatoes 5.5
3 instant mashed taters 3
1 velveeta 3
1 syrup 1.5
4 tomato soup 2
4 corn 1.8
10 tomato sauce 2.5
1 macaroni 1
1 pepperoni 1
4 kidney beans 1.8
10 bread 5

3# cheddar 12
2# mozzerella 4
3 flour tortillas 3
2 american cheese 3
2 butter tubs 2
1 lrg bag corn on cob (or 4 small) 5
2 peas 2

2# carrots 2
3# onions 1.5
10# taters 2
3 green peppers 1

Total estimated cost: $126.36Lunches will be mostly leftover magic/sandwiches and veggies/spaghetti. Breakfast isn't a problem as WIC pays for eggs, milk and cereal and I can make all kinds of baked goods.


Joy said...

What's your entire budget for food for a month? Are you feeding a family of 4?

The list looks great, by the way. I did the same thing in May, but then I didn't make the time to do it in June and I have regretted it.

Joy @ Five J's

Michelle said...

I'm feeding a family of 6! 4 boys and us parents. My budget for a month is usually 250, although alot of times I come in under. We really have to watch it and prices just keep increasing.

I LOVE freezer cooking and haven't done it since the twins were born and really want to get back to it.