Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday!

One thing I love to do is make ahead meals. This past Saturday I spent all day cooking and these are the meals I now have in my freezer, Skillet lasagna, chicken pot pie, shake-n-bake chicken, chicken tenders, taco meat, bbq meatloaf muffins, turkey stroganoff, chicken stroganoff, and 24 english muffins pizzas. They are ready for me whenever I need a quick dinner after a bad day or whenver surprise company comes over. You should try it. You could start out slow by just making a double batch of something you're making for dinner that night and freezing it. It really is a time saver and at times a sanity saver.

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Sonshine said...

I have tried complete meals before in the freezer and they end up getting wasted because my family claims that they taste different! Soooo I do modified OMAC by batch cooking things. :) It works for me the same as having a whole meal in the freezer ready to pull. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Mom2fur said...

I'm having taco pie tonight, most of which has been in the freezer. I'm ambitious today, so I'm making extra tortillas for more layers. I'm like Sonshine in that I like to have parts of meals prepped ahead rather than a whole meal--browned meat and shredded cheese, for example.
I did find out that smooshed up avocado with lime juice (keeps it from going brown) freezes beautifully. I made avocado potato salad the other day with frozen and thawed (overnight in fridge) avocado smoosh (somehow, puree doesn't sound right) and it came out really good!

ConservaChick said...

English muffins pizzas! Those are a staple at my house! I've done frezer cooking quite a few times.... it's always great to just pull dinner out of the freezer on a busy night... I need to do it again. ~K