Thursday, July 24, 2008

My August 31 Days of Nothing

Ok, first, here's my inspiration for this. 30 Days of Nothing It's not just to save money (that's one of the major reasons), but I feel that I'm becoming more materialistic than I'm comfortable with. I've been giving no thought to spending 1.25 everytime I'm out for a 20oz of soda, or running to the store for every little thing. I think my priorities are starting to skew and I'm being too frivolous.

I read through all the posts that Mary did and also the link that she provided (where it originated) and I felt compelled to look at myself and my spending habits. There are so many people in this world that live on $2 or less a day! There are children that have nothing to eat but rice 3x a day, if they even get that 3x a day. I think we will do that one Saturday. Nothing but plain rice and water to see what it's like and to become more compassionate. I know that Clay will be the only one to really understand it, but it's a good lesson for him to have. I want my children to be compassionate to others and not to be so focused on themselves as the center of the world. For them to learn that I need to lead by example and really examine myself.

So here's my rules starting for August:
*No spending on anything other than necessities (food, bills, gas for cars, diapers)

*Stay home as much as possible, no extra runs for anything, food shopping and library combined trip 1x a week,(while grocery shopping) and church on Sunday

*Only buy basic food items, make all snacks/meals from scratch at home.Only water, tea and kool-aid we have at home to drink

*No eating out the whole month. That's just a wasteful, unhealthy extra.

*Grocery budget for the month will be $50/wk or $200 whichever comes first and shopping will be moved to Sunday to prepare for the week. (my week's run monday-sunday)

*Live by that wise mantra we've all heard a hundred times “Make do, do without, use it up, wear it out!”

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Owlhaven said...

Very're making me think about doing this again...maybe in September. It is hard but such a thought provoking exercise...

Mary, mom to 10