Thursday, August 21, 2008

1 cooking, 4 possible meals

2 days ago I made homemade nachos for dinner. I used some ground beef seasoned with taco seasoning and chili powder. I saved alot of it for another meal. The next night I used that leftover taco mix and made chili. Tonight, I'm taking that leftover chili and having chili dogs. Tomorrow if there's any chili leftover I will mix the chili with noodles and serve it for lunch.

So, that will be 4 meals from 2pds of ground beef at $1.69/pd = $3.38 or $.84 a pound of meat per meal. That's not bad for 6 people.

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jewels said...

You're right, that's NOT bad for 6 people! I can't believe you have stretched 2 lbs of meat that far! I have one lb of ground beef for burritos or tacos tonight and I am hoping there is enough leftover for Hubby to take to work tomorrow.