Friday, August 1, 2008

Beginning of my month with nothing..

has already been a struggle. I went to the store today for some food items that were on sale to use some of my $50 in grocery money on. Here's what I bought:

$20.06 on some groceries. 1 pork loin, 5# ground beef, 1# bacon, paper plates (a necessity here).

But, I noticed that as I walked around in the store, which admitedly I shouldn't have been doing anyway, I couldn't help but have the overwhelming feeling of want. Of seeing things that were on sale, but weren't on my list and "needing" them. One of them was $0.99 Field Bolonga. We eat bolonga, it makes good quick lunches for DH when there are no leftovers to take. But, it's not a necessity. Our lives won't be any worse for not having it. DH will just take something else to work instead. But, I almost felt a bit panicky that I wasn't buying..what would we do? What would we do when we didn't have our bolonga!? It's pretty sad and says tons about the mixed signals I have between want and need. I can rationalize almost anything out to a need given the level of desire I have for an item. That's something I really want to watch this month and see if I can get in check.

I've decided also to ban myself from Wal-Mart (and for that matter McDonald's) for more of a moral stance than anything. I've never liked Wal-Mart, cheap plastic crap made in China, short changing their workers, running small buisness out. But now, the joining (which I actually just learned about) of them with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance (you to Mickey D's) is just the last straw for me. I'm a Christian. I don't support the gay and lesbian lifestyle and I won't condone buisnesses that actively support it either. I have my morals and family to think about. They may have the lowest prices in town, but at what cost? I believe my soul and pocket book will be more at rest this way

But, back to my day..We ate pretty basic at home and played cards with my father who is spending about 3 weeks with us.It might affect my grocery budget, but I'm going to try to avoid that. I have left 29.94 to spend tomorrow. I know I said grocery shopping would wait until Sunday, but there's too good of a sale (of things I actually do NEED) at the grocery to pass up tomorrow.

Breakfast: Pumpkin muffins
Lunch: PB&J with cantaloupe
Dinner: Grilled pork chops, creamed corn, mashed taters

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owlhaven said...

Looking forward to reading about your experience.

Mary, mom to 10