Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life and stuff..

Why, whenever I think we're going to have enough money at the end of the month, does the money always disappear? I think it disappears to the place where the odd socks go.

September is going to be a month of doing/buying only what is essential. We have Clay's birthday and our anniverasry both on the 3rd. Clay's birthday trumps our anniversary so we'll have to get him a present this weekend, and I have to shop for his birthday dinner. He's decided he wants cheesy pizza, cheesy broccoli and mac-n-cheese. All homemade. That's going to be at least $10 in cheese! LOL But, at least with me making the mac-n-cheese and pizza at home it will offset that cost. We also have no winter clothes except some jeans and a couple of hoodies. I plan on visiting a clothes closet next Thursday to see if I can get him some.

I'm going to be joining Owlhaven in her 30 days of nothing, it's going to be a matter of have-to more than want-to. I'm still working on a plan to follow and a grocery budget, but I'll be posting that in the next few days when I sort it all out, pray and talk with Joe about it.

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Ticia said...

Wow it sounds like you are working hard toward not spending what you don't have to.
It's funny when you start to realize what it is that is really a NEED.
Thanks for the comment on my blog and I will be sure to make the chicken stock. That is something new to me that I learned how to do while making tamales.