Thursday, September 4, 2008

September 3rd

Wednesday was our 14th wedding anniversary and our eldest son's 10th birthday. We had a very nice day. We let Clay pick the menu, since it was his birthday and he chose homemade cheese pizza, homemade mac-n-cheese and cheesy broccoli. haha. It was a good night. We had some family over and between the two of us we had 10 of us here. Lots of food, cake, presents and talking, it was nice.

We didn't spend any money yesterday except $40 for gas in the van. So far I'm doing pretty well in this experiment and I hope it continues. It's really easy for me not to spend money during the week, but the weekend is like a vacation, I just want to wild and spend. I'm going to try and just spend money on groceries and tithing.

Food yesterday..
B: Cereal
L :Sandwiches
D:Cheesy pizza, mac-n-cheese, cheesy broccoli, birthday cake

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