Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 9&10

Yesterday I did run to the store for milk. I got my WIC and then I spent money on some hair clippers. We've had ours for 11 years and they don't work anymore. My kids were looking horrid and have needed haircuts for some time. I figure my $14 I spent on clippers was cheaper than $10 a piece for 4 haircuts. They all got haircuts last night.

B:peanut butter muffins/milk
L:cheesy hamburger pasta/oranges
D:cheese quesadillas/tomato soup

Today I'll be staying home and working on laundry. I'm really behind on it. I totally forgot to put the pork roast in the crockpot yesterday and didn't even realize it until dinner time! So, we had cheese quesadillas and tomato soup instead. I swear I think I'm in the early stages of Alzhiemers!

B: scrambled eggs/turkey bacon
L: ham fried rice/ zuchini
D: pork roast/mashed taters/peas

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