Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Update

I spent $34 at the grocery and my weekly total ended up being $50.45. So only .45 over budget, so I'm happy. No other money was spent that day.

L: I fried hamburgers/chips
D: We snacked on summer sausage, cheddar and crackers

We got up and went to church where we tithed $30 and then gave $20 to my friend for her cousin. There was a benefit Saturday that we weren't able to go to. Her little 2 year old cousin has eye cancer and had a surgery, had to have his eye and surrounding tissue removed and the hospital bills and treatments are totaling $3000 a month she said. I wish we could give more, I know it's SO hard on that family. I'm praying for them. The little boy is a joy though, he's so happy and upbeat.
After church, FIL took us out for pizza and paid, we left a $4 tip. Then we came home and had sandwiches for dinner that night.

Can I just say pick up sticks is HARD? That was Clay and I's game for the weekend..geez, I don't remember it being that hard..LOL!

Today (Monday)
I'll be staying home all day until v-ball tonight. I'll be paying $2 for that. We're starting to get used to not having the tv. Jake and Luke keep telling me the tv is broken and then gonig off to play.

L:roasted veggies over pasta
D:hamburger stroganoff w/ rice/green beans

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