Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 is soon here..

Let me start off by saying Christmas was wonderful. The kids had surprises and lots of chocolates. The adults had lots of good food, presents and no one killed each other. ;)

Best of all, we celebrated the birth of our King. We were reminded that He came to the earth to save us, so that we could live with Him for eternity.

2009. Wow, I can't believe it's just around the corner. 2008 has just flown by. My kids have grown, I have grown, but the bank account has not. LOL

So, on that front there's a couple of things I want to accomplish this year.

First, financially:

  1. Pay off the credit card bill that resulted from the washer dying. We still owe $300 on it.
  2. Start a savings account. Try to save at least $500 this year. We haven't been able to in the past, but I'm going to try EXTRA hard this year to have some sort of savings.
  3. Save money from the tax refund for Christmas. At least $400, although we won't use all of that. I'd like to use the biggest majority of it to help people. Operation Shoebox, and to give back to people that need help like I've been helped.
  4. Keep grocery spending to at most $250 a month. For our family of 6 it will be a struggle, but I think I can do it.
  5. Keep the debit card/credit card/check book at home and use only CASH. If I don't have cash, I won't buy it.

Health wise:
  1. Keep playing volleyball and softball.
  2. Use my treadmill at least 2x a week, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
  3. Eat at home more, less fast food.
  4. Take my supplements. Vitamin, Calcium, Gingo Biloba.
  5. Drink more and more water.
  6. Be more mindful of what I eat, strive for more fruits and veg.
Family/home wise:
  1. Cook more with the children. Start teaching Clay how to cook more by himself.
  2. Get involved in reading the bible together. Children's or family devotions
  3. More outside time! We love being outside and aren't out there nearly enough.
  4. Get into a routine with my home and cleaning. Try to keep it from being such a disaster (if that's possible with 4 boys.)
  5. Do more activities, crafts , etc with the children.
  1. Read. I love reading. I don't get to do it much. I want to do it more. I have been reading alot lately and I want to keep it up.
  2. Read my bible and spend more time in prayer than I do.
  3. Be more loving to Joe, be less of a nag. I tend to bark orders when I'm frazzled. I need to learn to ask and be nicer.
  4. Try to get a babysitter at least once every 2-3 months so Joe and I can go out alone.
I don't want to say these are resolutions per se because they're something I always work on. I want to be more focused this year and quit being so fly-by my pants and frazzled.

Here's a look back at what I wanted in 2008, I'm happy to say that we are a (mostly) TV free family now. We only have very basic cable that we pick up NBC on. Come February we'll be a completely TV free family! :)

"What I want for 2008
I want to become closer to my God. To read his word more, develop a better prayer life.

I want my home to be a haven. A retreat for my husband and kids. I want plants around the house, I want flowers outside of the house. I want it to be less cluttered and less full of toys.

I want to be content in this house. It is big enough, I just have to change my view and quiet the voice of consumerism that tells me I need a bigger better home. I don't want my husband or myself to have to work harder to provide that "better" house.

I want to have a veggie garden. A real one. I want to be able to go out and pick food for dinner that night. I want to be able to can and freeze food for use in the wintertime.

I want our house to be tv-free. I want the kids to play, build, create, to use their imagination. To Get Bored.

I want to write daily. I really enjoy writing and getting my feelings and thoughts down and out of me. It's liberating and stress relieving.

I want to do more with my kids. Give them more mom experiences. Cook with them, take them out with me. I need to quit trying to fit them around my schedules and my needs and focus more on THEM.

I want less toys in the house and more "creative" activities. Building, creating, reading, music, painting.

I want to stop the "I wants" and want nothing material. I want to look for my satisfaction in my home, husband, kids and God.

I want to be free of the hold that colas have on me. I want to drink pure, fresh water. My body doesn't need that caramel death. It just makes me feel miserable.

I want to save more money. I really want Joe to be able to retire early and enjoy himself. To travel like he wants, to camp.

I want to read the classics. Emily Bronte', Alexandre Dumas, Lewis Carrol, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, J.R.R Tolkien..etc.

I want to be closer to my friends. I want to talk to them more and really try to nurture my friendships. I'm not very good at it and it leaves me feeling lonely.
Check Spelling
I want to focus on being healthier. Not on loosing weight. I just want to feel better. Have more energy, less headaches, less body aches.

I want to spend more time outside in nature. I feel awesome when I spend time outside and my kids do to. Being indoors all day is not very good for the body. No vitamin D, none of the natural endorphins that sunlight provides that make you feel better and less depressed, no fresh air for the lungs.

I want to make a list of things I want to do and see before I die and actually take steps and make plans to see this through."

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