Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Menu ramblings

My grocery shopping this month is going to be limited to $50/week for the 6 of us. I've made breakfast/dinner plans for the next 14 days and will have a bare bones list to round it out.
Notice my lack of lunches this time? I'll have to make them up on the fly because I'm using most of my stuff for meals. Here's my list and hopefully I can get it all for $50 or below.

Grocery List:
2 Bread
2 cheddar
2 flour tortilla
2 cr of chicken
2 milk
18 eggs
2 flour
turkey bacon
sandwich meat
5# potatoes
cereal for hubby
10 kool-aid
sour cream
fresh fruit

Breakfasts: (some will repeat)
Oatmeal w/ peanubutter
PB granola
Poptarts (have some to use up lol)
Pineapple cream muffins
Eggs and toast
Hot chocolate and cinnamon toast
Cinnamon rolls
Hasbrowns w/ turkey bacon

Dinners: (14)
Ham fried rice
Ham in augratin taters/peas
*Ham and lentil soup/homemade bread
*Beans and ham/cornbread
*Crockpot chicken/mashed taters/corn
*Chicken chili w/ chickpeas
*Turkey tacos/refried beans
Pepper steak/broccoli and cauliflower mix
Turkey/dressing/mashed taters/corn on the cob/gravy
Spaghetti/cheese biscuits/salad
Scrambled eggs/turkey bacon/homemade biscuits
*Veggie soup/homemade bread
Quesadillas/tomato soup
Homemade mac-n-cheese/broccoli

Peach pie
Graham crackers/peanutbutter
Sugar cookies
Chocolate chip cookies

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