Monday, February 16, 2009

Haven't posted in awhile..

since the wonderful ice storm. I was so thankful that we didn't loose electricity and then later that day, we did! For almost 5 days. It was a fun time of reading, playing games, sewing, crocheting, cooking on an iron skillet in the fireplace. It was a not so fun time of freezing, trying to keep a fire going 24/7 to keep the kids warm, being couped up in one little room with 5 other people, no hot water, oh and did I say freezing?? It was really weird to be so disconnected with the outside world. We couldn't go anywhere in the car, nobody in Paducah had any power, so even if we did get somewhere we couldn't buy anything like food. Also, we couldn't get access to any money because the banks didn't have power. It's not an experience I ever want to have again. I hate how unprepared we were even though I thought we were. Here it is about 3 weeks later and some of my friends STILL don't have power. I just pray that they get it soon and I'm also so thankful that we do have it.

On to the present. Today was spent in the kitchen rearranging things and cleaning out cabinents. It's something I've been neglecting to do for awhil now and I'm SO glad I've gotten it done.

Here was the corner by the kitchen table that had the kids stuff on it. Various little projects, puzzles, teaching aids and a drying line for paintings.

This is the nook where I've been wanting to move all of the kids stuff for awhile now..

And here it is with the kids stuff moved in.. They have to share space with my shelving that holds extra food/water/paper goods, but their shelves fit in nicely. Included is a nice little picture of Jake doing his current obesession..puzzles!

Here's how the corner by the kitchen table looks now after moving out the kid's stuff. I didn't really have anything non-breakable to display in the cabinent there so I used it to hold the kid's dishes. Now they can reach everything and set the table easier! It seems so much more open and less cluttered now, I love it! :) I love my little sign on the shelf. It says "Home is where they love you".

And, just because he's so darn cute, a bonus picture of pj'ed Andy after completing his Cars puzzle!

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