Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip and Menu

I usually shop and plan from Friday (payday) to Friday.

Super Valu:
1 large can crushed tomatoes $1
5# flour .99
Molasses 2.99
2# carrots 1.69
2 green peppers 2.00
3# onions 1.39
Beef stew meat 3.86
Round steak 4.60

Total: 18.52

Fresh spinach 2.38
Pistachios 3.12
Eggs 2.37
Strawberry yogurt 1.67
Butter 2.28
Cashews 3.00
Apple cider vinegar 0.92
3 tomato sauce 1.41
Banana pepper 1.57
2 cans tomatoes 1.34
Curry powder 2.58
Mushrooms 2.48
Fresh pears 2.65
Fresh zucchini 1.69
3 roma tomatoes 0.38
Bananas 1.14
Grainy mustard 1.5
5# mixed fruit 5.77
1 lrg hershey's bar 1.00
cottage cheese 1.50
frozen sugar snap peas 1.46
Total: 41.83

Grand total: $60.52

Cinnamon rice, apple slices
Simple Sourdough pancakes
Scrambled eggs, sausage
Cereal, milk
Peanut butter oatmeal
Mini Strawberry muffins
Fruit yogurt parfaits w/ homemade granola

Leftover baked creamy penne
Fried rice (leftover rice from pepper steak)
Homemade tortillas w/ refried beans and cheese
Curry spiced potatoes w/ onion and peas
PB&J sandwiches, carrot sticks
Spaghetti with simple tomato sauce
Zucchini, tomato and parmesan cheese bake

Beef stew, cornbread
Pepper steak, rice
Baked creamy penne in homemade sauce, garlic herb bread
Cheese and onion soup,leftover garlic herb bread
Baked chicken breasts, twice baked potatoes, peas and carrots
Lentil and Chickpea patties, spinach salad, sugar snap peas
Grilled cheese, tomato soup

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