Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Washing Baggies

I use those Ziploc type baggies a lot for food storage, puzzle storage, etc. They can get expensive $2 or more a box. I've recommitted to washing them out, drying them and re-using them. I turn them inside out and give them a good scrubbing and then drape them over my silverware to dry. It saves money and the throwing of more plastic into the landfills.

Now, I'm off to hang a load of laundry out on the line. I haven't used my dryer in almost 3 weeks. I'm loving it, it's turning into one of my favorite chores.

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Mary Q Contrarie said...

Way to go. I stopped buying baggies a while back I re-use bread sacks. Since I live in an apartment I can not have a clothesline but I have not used a dryer in two years since I purchased my clothes drying rack.

P.S. I simply clothes pin my bread sacks to my laundry rack to dry them.