Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back To Buisness..

Well it's been awhile since I've posted. Frugality has taken a back burner in the last month and a half. But, out of necessity, it's back. And, back in a big way. This month we have a birthday for my oldest and an anniversary for me and the hubster, which coincidentally are on the same day. But, our anniversary will be celebrated on the 18-19th..more on that in a second.

The major area I've fallen in is my grocery budget, I've routinely been out of funds by the 2nd or 3rd week in the month. Not good. That's NOT being a good steward of the money God has given us for food and I feel completely convicted about it. I haven't been planning and I've just been buying what I want. Not good. It's made me guilty and my husband frustrated, stressed and unhappy. I'm determined that September will be the month I get back on track and become better at my planning and shopping. I've made a plan that I will follow for grocery planning..

  • Monday-Meatless
  • Tuesday-Chicken or pork
  • Wednesday-Seafood
  • Thursday-Breakfast or leftover usage
  • Friday-Beef
  • Saturday-Easy or kid friendly
  • Sunday-Crockpot
This plan will go into effect on the 4th, since I already have today, Wednesday and Thursday planned.

Thursday is the eldest son's 11th birthday, how did that happen? He has requested lasagna, green beans, garlic cheese biscuits and chocolate cake for his meal. Good choice, Clay. So, that will factor into my weekly budget. I'm still trying to decide whether to make it from scratch or buy a Stouffer's one with the $1 off coupon I have. I'll see what the grocery ads tomorrow say.

As for our anniversary, it's also on Thursday. 15 years, again, how did that happen? :) We save that day now for Clay's birthday celebration and we'll be celebrating on the 18th AND 19th. That's right.. a couple of nights away from the children. Alone. By ourselves. No mommy and daddy for 2 whole days...aaah. We're going camping! We're really looking forward to bike riding and hiking. Huge thanks to the sister who's brave enough to take all 4 boys at once. She did raise 5 kids, so I think she can handle it. :) We thought that this would be cheaper than a $100 a night hotel room (vs $12 a night campsite rental) and it will be tons more fun!

So my plan for September is to keep grocery budget to $75/wk and stick to my rotation plan. Also, I plan to can some tomatoes, either my own (if they all turn) or some seconds from the farmer's market that I can get for 50¢/pd. I also plan to stay home as much as possible, to use less gas. It's getting cooler so the thermostat will come up and more hanging of laundry outside.

I'm feeling renewed by the start of this new month. I hope this feeling lasts through the whole month.


frugalupper said...

woot! Michelle I sooo have faith in you, you can and will do this. I can relate to the guilt feeling, I will be following along and joining you. I have spent WAYYY tooooo much money on really silly things lately!! So make sure you keep your readers up to date of your progress!!

Michelle said...

Thanks, I'm going to try to keep posting regularly. Sometimes, I just feel that I don't have anything to say though!