Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This week has tired me out

It's only Wednesday and I'm exhausted already. Sunday was church and out to eat with the father in law. Monday was running around with errands, doctor appointment, back home to straighten and cook dinner, then went to volleyball. Tuesday was actually a day at home, although it was super busy between playing with the twins and cleaning my disaster of a house that I didn't get cleaned Monday, oh and 3 loads of laundy. Then that night I went and saw David Barton speak on our country's Godly heritage and how we're founded on the bible. It was great, really informative, inspiring speaker.

Which brings us to Wednesday. I'm really just tired. So, there's not much housework to be done today, but we do have team kid tonight at church. While the kids are there Joe and I are going to the library for some quiet time. The rest of the week is filled with volleyball, errands, pumpkin patch trip, grocery shopping and church. I haven't had one whole day and night at home this week and I desperately want one. Have I mentioned I'm tired? A tired mama and 4 kids (espically 3yr old twins) don't really mix well. I just don't have their energy!Haha.

Breakfast today was oatmeal with peanut butter and honey. For lunch we're having leftover Mexican potato casserole and green beans and dinner is a homemade pineapple and ham pizza along with broccoli/cauliflower topped with cheese.

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