Sunday, July 24, 2011

I sat down and was writing a rather scathing post relating to adult behavior in the McDonald's where I am currently sitting. But, I just had to erase it and adjust my attitude a bit. I'm sitting here in McD's, in the rain. Rain we haven't seen for weeks. I should be more thankful that the earth is being nourished instead.  And, I am. I never thought I would utter those words again after being through the flood, but I am.

I'm thinking of my blessings for the day, and there were many. Breakfast oatmeal on the patio, listening to the birds chirp and watching them find food in the backyard. Seeing my 3 youngest children fearlessly perform their vacation bible school songs twice, in front of a packed house. Making homemade banana bread and brown rice with fresh vegetable to nourish my family.  Sitting down as a family in our new home to a home cooked meal, while watching the rain and thanking God for it. And, now I'm sitting in a McD's waiting for my eldest to be done at church, enjoying a cup of coffee and a pastry I smuggled in to get some much needed alone time. This Sunday has been full of blessings and I'm sure there will be more when I'm back home. I'm a truly blessed woman.

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