Sunday, October 11, 2015

Snack Time...

Trying to get back into the habit of writing again...

Having 4 boys means having lots of snacks around!

I have a 3 tiered snack drawer thing that I keep in the kitchen that is their designated snack drawer.
The first drawer has microwave popcorn(I can get 3 bags for 77¢ at cheapo grocery store). 1 bag per 2 boys. I also have a bag of popping corn that I can make on the stove top.
In the second drawer,  I use containers that I got from the Dollar Tree that I wrote their names on with sharpie that I use to portion out dry goods (pretzels, cheese its, animal crackers, nuts, sunflower seeds, trail mix, etc).
In the third drawer, I keep bags of graham crackers ($1), a jar of peanut butter ($2) and marshmallows (75¢). They can make fluffernutters for snacks.

For the fridge, I also have other containers (again, don't you LOVE the Dollar Tree?!), labeled with their names that I use to portion out cold things from bulk for the fridge (applesauce, yogurt, canned fruit, jello, parfaits, cheese cubes, etc). There are always cut veggies and ranch for dipping. Every other week, I usually boil some eggs.

I also bake some sort of goodie once a week, sometimes twice. Cookies, quick breads (lots of banana...), muffins, etc. If it's cookies or quick breads, it gets sliced and portioned into baggies and put into their snack drawers as well. Those are usually the first thing eaten out of the snack drawers. :)

Also, fruit is always available. They always know that they can grab a snack. But, when their snacks are one at the end of the week. They're gone! Trying to teach some self control in there also..

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